Is a Burglar Alarm Enough for Home Protection?

Many CA homes already use burglar alarms and other security features such as lighting and video monitoring for home protection. Is a burglar alarm sufficient for your home? This would depend on the size and features of your home. You should consider the adequacy of your security features in accordance with the needs of your home.

Large Homes

Very large homes could have different security needs. For example, if you have a very large backyard, you’ll probably need more features such as lighting and tall gates. Large homes will usually benefit from having more monitoring and alarm devices, due to the larger spaces.

Physical Barriers

For security conscious homeowners, it’s worthwhile to think about the security level of your physical barriers. While alarms alert you to the presence of intruders, physical barriers make it harder for burglars to break in. Window bars, door locks, and security screens – these are just some of the popular physical barriers homeowners might use.


Insurance is another important consideration. Insurance could offer a level of protection for your financial interests in relation to you home. Your homeowner’s insurance policy might allow you to access a level of compensation if your home experiences some sort of loss or damage, or if you’re liable for someone’s loss or injury at your home.

Should you introduce new security features to your home, speak to an agent about updating your insurance policy. These new security features could even qualify you for a discount on your premium.

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