Proposition 33 is Good for your CA car insurance!

Proposition 33 will be good for all CA car insurance customers.
The proposition and its potential impact for you and your CA car insurance premiums:

  1. Premiums have been regulated by the state due to the passage of Proposition 103 in 1988 and Proposition 33 will do nothing to change the pre-approval requirement nor will it allow a surcharge for not having prior insurance.
  2. Many automobile insurance companies have been giving long-term customers loyalty or renewal discounts all along and those are approved by the Department of Insurance.
  3. There is NO surcharge contained in Proposition 33 for not having had prior insurance. Again due to the regulations contained in Proposition 103 on the California insurance market.

Currently you will only see better rates when a company is beating your current policy at the new company’s entry level. You have to wait for a renewal discount to even kick in. The discount you are receiving from your current auto insurance ca company is not portable.

If Proposition 33 is passed by the voters in California, automobile insurance companies who choose to offer renewal discounts to their current customers will see greater competition because the renewal discount becomes portable for their auto insurance. California drivers will still see that it is just like the good driver discount that all companies are required to provide.

Don’t be misled by those who are saying that people without prior CA car insurance are going to be penalized or surcharged. Their rates won’t change. Proposition 33 will simply allow you to shop for insurance with other companies without losing the renewal discount you have earned.

As a California Insurance Agency, we stand up for you when it comes to saving you money and protecting you better.
Level the playing field again by passing Proposition 33.

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