Happy New Year! Tips to being safe!

We want you to have a great party and then a prosperous New Year!

Of course one of the biggest concerns is safety on the roads both en route and returning from a party. If you drink don’t drive! While you are putting lives in danger, in California you may add to the count of the highest DUI arrests of any holiday according to TheLawDictionary! A DUI in California today could cost you in excess of $10,000 in attorneys’ fees, insurance as well as time away from work fighting and attending classes. So why start off 2017 in the hole?

Fireworks are another popular though dangerous way of celebrating the stroke of midnight. In many jurisdictions in California, it is illegal to use fireworks so that should be the best deterrent. And just like on the Fourth of July, although it can be fun to do yourself, it is always best to watch the experts do it if there is a show in your area.

Firearms have often been shot into the air as part of the celebration. But this is one of the most dangerous things anyone could ever do. First of all it is illegal and you could be arrested,  second you never know where they’ll land, and third a falling bullet you fire may hurt or even kill you or someone else.

Champagne, while always a hit, could really cause a hurt. So here are a couple of things to remember! Cooling the champagne to 45 degrees or below will help prevent the sudden pop and loss of control of the cork when opening the bottle. Pointing the bottle at a 45 degree angle away from yourself and others helps eliminate chances of bodily injury. Tip the bottle before you remove the foil and wire cover (if any). Using a towel to cover the cork and with a slight twisting motion while applying upward pressure, you should be able to remove the cork without making a mess. Hold the bottle upright once the cork is out and you should have a full bottle ready to go.

Cheers to the New Year!





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