Small Business Insurance in Clovis, Fresno and Madera

You may be a small business owner but you’ve probably got big responsibilities and big plans for the future. How are you going to manage them successfully?

You can’t, unless you have the right small business insurance to protect your interests.

It will take care of the day-to-day and one-off risks you face and protect you against lawsuits, so you can concentrate on what you’re in business for.

As you likely already know, California state regulations determine basic business insurance requirements such as workers compensation, unemployment and disability insurance.

But while they protect your employees, they do nothing to safeguard your business. Every year, California companies go out of business because of uninsured events like fire, theft and expensive lawsuits.

But don’t worry. You can easily secure the protection you need in Clovis, Fresno or Madera through Clovis Insurance Agency.

The Clovis Insurance Agency Small Business Insurance Program

We understand that every business has unique risk exposures, so we build custom small business insurance plans based on the specific needs of individual clients. That way, you always get the right coverage — and you don’t pay for insurance you don’t need.

Clovis Insurance Agency professionals can walk you through a wide range of small business insurance options including:

  • Comprehensive business owner’s policies (BOPs), which are broad plans that embrace most of the common risks you face.
  • General and professional liability, which includes protection against lawsuits, from injuries on your premises to faulty products.
  • Errors and omission (E & O) coverage, another type of insurance that protects you against negligence and misrepresentation claims.
  • Commercial auto insurance, including protection for employees using their own vehicles on company business.
  • Commercial property insurance for your buildings and their contents against risks like fire, theft and vandalism.
  • Employee benefits, including the compulsory coverages mentioned above plus other benefits like health insurance and long term care.

There are also many other types of protection that can be added to your custom small business insurance plan, such as coverage for special events, protection against the loss of a key person or disruption of your business activities.

We also offer a special plan for home-based businesses. Many people who work from home think their homeowners insurance policy covers their business but it almost certainly does not.

How Clovis Insurance Agency Helps You

You can count on Clovis for all your insurance needs. Here’s why:

  • We are one of the region’s foremost providers of small business insurance, with a reputation for personal service and support.
  • We’re an independent insurance agency so we’re not tied to any particular insurer. We shop around for the best rates so you don’t have to.
  • We work with only the best, most reputable insurers so you can be sure you’re properly safeguarded.
  • Through our contacts with these insurers, we can negotiate the best discounts, where available.
  • We can provide risk management advice to help reduce potential problems in your business.
  • We stay in touch with you and we regularly review your small business insurance coverage to ensure it’s both compliant with California state regulations and that it keeps pace with your needs.
  • If you need to make a claim, we’re here to help smooth the claims process.

Act Now

Whether you’re an established business of just starting out, you can talk to the Clovis Insurance Agency team about your small business insurance needs, without cost or obligation.

Please use the quote request button/form on this page to get things started and let us take care of the rest. Do it now, then it’s one less issue to worry about.