Valuable Homeowners Insurance for Clovis, Fresno and Madera

Although we may not like to think about, our homes are at risk every single day — from threats like fire, theft, storm damage, vandalism and a whole host of other perils.

Besides that, visitors, like friends, neighbors and sales people, could hold you liable if they suffer an accident in your home, even something as simple as an injury resulting from a carpet trip.

They can also sue if something on your property, such as a falling tree, causes damage to their property.

These are the types of incidents that happen every day — here in Clovis, Fresno and Madera, and beyond. And only those who have adequate home insurance can hope to emerge unscathed from them.

In fact, with so many potential risks, you can’t enjoy peace of mind without a homeowners insurance program that has been carefully created for your particular need and circumstances.

And you can’t just grab a home insurance policy “off the shelf” and hope that it will meet your needs. You truly need local expertise to be sure you’re getting the best protection at the most competitive rates.

Going for “cheap” doesn’t work either. For instance, you may buy $100,000 of liability cover when, for just a couple of dollars more per month, your home insurance protection would be $500,000!

The Clovis Solution

That’s why, for many years, homeowners in Clovis, Fresno and Madera have turned to the homeowners insurance experts at Clovis Insurance Agency because we know what true home insurance protection really means.

We take the time to get to know our clients, their needs and any special risks they face and then customize a home owners insurance plan based on these requirements.

With California home insurance from Clovis Insurance Agency, homeowners can expect the following solutions:

  • Protection for your home’s structure against a wide range of perils
  • Replacement and rebuilding costs if your home is damaged
  • Coverage for personal possessions, up to a limit set in the policy
  • Living expenses if you are involved in a disaster
  • Liability coverage
  • And more!

You can also purchase supplemental coverage such as:

  • Valuable articles/floater policies (for example, jewelry insurance)
  • Flood insurance
  • Earthquake insurance
  • Umbrella policies, adding additional protection above standard policy limits and providing coverage for other perils.
  • Animal liability (liability issues due to household pets)

Why Clovis?

Because we’re independent, Clovis Insurance Agency is not tied to any particular insurer.

That means we can shop around among the most reliable homeowners insurance providers for the most attractive rates AND valuable discounts for factors such as multiple policies with the same insurer or home security features.

Our agency does not simply write a policy. We take the time to find out your needs, let you know what is available through each of our companies, and then secure the most competitive rates available.

We also keep our clients’ home insurance coverage under regular review to ensure policy limits are up to date, so that you have adequate replacement cost coverage for both your home and your personal property.

We’re always on hand to answer your questions, and, if you ever need to make a claim, our friendly, experienced team of homeowners insurance experts will be there to support and guide you.

Check Out Clovis Now!

Find out today why more and more residents in Clovis, Fresno and Madera turn to Clovis Insurance Agency for their home owners insurance.

Even if you already have home insurance, you can’t be sure you’re getting the best deal. Even if the price is right, you may not be adequately protected for today’s rising property values and risks.

Whether you’re buying your first home or you’ve been a homeowner for decades, a Clovis Insurance Agency no-obligation review of your needs can help deliver that peace of mind — and we may be able to help you make big savings.

So, just click the button and let’s get started on getting you properly protected at the right price.