How California Umbrella Insurance Protects You

Did you know that personal insurance like homeowners and auto insurance policies set a limit on how much they pay out if you make a claim?

So, what would you do if you suddenly had to settle a huge claim, say, for example, a lawsuit from someone injured on your property?

If you don’t have umbrella insurance, such as a Clovis Insurance Agency plan, the answer, unfortunately, is that you would have to use your own assets to pay — your home, your car or anything else of significant value that you own.

Fortunately, big claims don’t happen very often. But when they do, the result can be financially devastating

For instance, your auto insurance might set a maximum payout of $300,000, while the cost of medical treatment for victims after an accident might be twice that amount. You’d have to find and fund the difference.

Yet, for only a few dollars a month you can protect yourself against this danger.

What is California Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a type of excess liability insurance, meaning that it kicks in when the coverage limits of your personal insurance are reached. Umbrella coverage starts at $1m, which can cost as little as $140 a year, or less than $12 a month.

But here’s another thing you might now know: Different insurers charge different rates for exactly the same umbrella insurance protection. And some offer discounts if you meet certain conditions, while others don’t.

On the other hand, some excess liability insurance policies that look similar or the same may include different levels of protection or cover different types of additional risks.

Also, certain insurers offer higher maximum limits than others, or they lay down conditions such as that you must already have your other personal insurance policies with them.

Where Can I Find the Answers?

So, how do you find your way through this maze? How can you find the best value excess liability insurance? And how can you work out how much extra protection you need?

The answer to that one is simple. You don’t need to shop around for your umbrella insurance because, in Clovis, Fresno and Madera, Clovis Insurance Agency has done it for you.

We work with all the best, most reputable insurers, constantly comparing rates and securing discounts where available for our clients.

Furthermore, the experienced team at Clovis Insurance Agency can help you calculate how much excess liability insurance you need, answer any other insurance questions you have, and will be there to help and support you if you need to make a claim.

Why You Need to Act Now

You may not think you need umbrella insurance but these days, with medical costs and lawsuit settlements rising, it doesn’t take long to reach the limits of protection from your regular personal insurance.

Delaying your decision on this important issue could be extremely expensive, especially when you can talk with the Clovis Insurance Agency team without any cost or obligation to explore whether you need umbrella insurance.

All you need to do is provide a few brief details on this page and click the button. Or, if you’re really in a hurry, why not give us a call? Just do it now.