Rideshare Insurance

May 26, 2022

If you drive for a rideshare company, you already have auto insurance. But are you certain you’re covered while working?

Rideshare Insurance

Most drivers assume that they are covered while working. After all, both Uber and Lyft have insurance plans as a part of the package.


But there may be big gaps in your coverage that you aren’t aware of - especially if you still have your personal auto policy and not a commercial auto policy. Here’s what to look for:


  • When does coverage start? -  Check your rideshare company to see when coverage starts. If it is only when your ride starts, you could have a gap when driving to a pick-up.
  • What does your auto policy cover? -  Does your policy cover driving for work? A claim could be denied if you are using your personal car for work.
  • Is a hybrid policy right for you? - Some carriers have new add-ons for rideshare to cover your drives while picking up and dropping off riders.
  • Can you risk it? - It is cheaper to pay for more insurance than risking an accident on the job.


Talking to us about your rideshare job, even if it is a side hustle, is worth it. You deserve to be protecting when you’re working hard out on the road.