Welcome to the new C.I.A. Blog (no we don't mean that one)

December 13, 2021

Clovis Insurance Agency

Today we are among the few long-established insurance agencies in the San Joaquin Valley. We have stayed here this long by operating with integrity, honesty, and understanding your unique needs, to provide you custom tailored insurance solutions.

We are not out to reinvent the wheel, but as independent agents our goal is to inform as part of the service we provide you. The goal of our blog will be to post monthly insurance related information with a bit of humor sprinkled in from time to time. Our first series of posts will be related to "insurance basics". Like anything worthwhile, a good foundation is required to have ultimate success, so take the first few posts as a refresher for those who know the information, as we build the foundation for everyone.

In summation, check back monthly for new content, and check out all the material on our newly improved and ready for 2022 website (we can't believe it either).