We've got gas!

We've got gas!

March 22, 2022

Did you know one of the biggest rating factors of your auto insurance is annual mileage? Most of us have resumed pre-pandemic levels of driving due to resuming our daily commutes and, according to the Federal Highway Administration, the average annual mileage in California is 12,524. In addition, according to recent reports, non-commuting miles have increased significantly, exceeding pre-pandemic levels. 

We've got some companies that offer rating discount for enrolling in programs where mileage is verified instead of estimated. If you are driving less than the California average of 12,524 annual miles, your premium could be lowered in two ways. The first being getting a lowered rate, and if you are driving less than your current estimated mileage you could see your premium lowered even more!

As we are all painfully aware, gasoline prices have soared across the country, causing many motorists to feel the pinch as they fill up their vehicles. At the time of writing on 3/22/2022 the average price per gallon of regular unleaded gas in California is $5.86, lucky for us that is also the highest recorded average price.*

Well, we want to do something about that, so let us buy you a tank! No, we won't actually follow you to the gas station and make the purchase, but we will give you a $100 gas-card, just do us a couple of favors:

1. Enter the raffle and (optionally) show us your gas receipt from your most recent fill up. 

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3. Consider the tips outlined in the infographic below to help minimize gasoline expenses.

Tips to Save on Gasoline Costs - Infographic

*According to AAA gas prices