White Ruffy

The Journey began in 1998 when we were introduced to a fish indigenous to Vietnam called Pangasius Bocourti also known as BASA. Having cooked the product, we noticed it had “no fishy smell” while cooking. We experienced a taste that was very mild without being bland. We immediately knew this product would be a hit – a product that did not taste like fish and did not smell up the house while it was being cooked!

As we became more familiar with the industry, we came to find out that there were many different quality levels of what everyone referred to as “BASA”. We learned that there was only one TRUE BASA also known as Pangasius Bocourti. We made a conscious decision to import only the highest quality Bocourti and we would market this product under our premium White Ruffy® Brand. We introduced our product at the San Francisco Seafood Show in November of 1999 and won the Gold Award for Best New Product. We were also awarded the American Taste of Excellence Award by the American Tasting Institute in 1999.

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